A Bold Vision for a Connected California

California has big, bold plans for transforming healthcare, expanding coverage, and improving connections between health and social services entities.

The DxF is the first step toward this vision, by using secure data exchange to bring existing standalone health systems, providers, and social services together seamlessly and improve outcomes for all Californians.

A Connected CA to Advance Equity

The DxF aims to fill in gaps of understanding about social determinants of health, enabling our health and social services providers to address health inequities and disparities, especially in historically underserved and underrepresented communities.


COVID-19 has been the greatest unmasker of inequities, but also the greatest accelerant for change.
— CalHHS Secretary Mark Ghaly


Not Technology, Rules of the Road

The DxF is not a new technology or centralized data repository; instead, DxF Participants are agreeing to new rules of the road for securely and appropriately exchanging health and social services information to best serve patients and join a shared commitment to providing safe, effective, whole-person care across California.

Tying It All Together with Secure Data Exchange

Intermediaries offer services and functions to support the sharing of health and social services information, assisting entities as they create and respond to information requests.

DxF Participants may choose to securely exchange data through a QHIO, nationwide network or framework, other intermediary, point-to-point connections, their own platforms or technology solutions, or a combination of these methods to comply with the DxF’s DSA and its P&Ps.

Qualified Health Information Organization
Qualified Health Information Organization

A DxF designated Intermediary that facilitates the secure exchange of health and social services information between Participants.

Nationwide network or framework
Nationwide network or framework

Any vendor-agnostic health information network or health information exchange framework with nationwide scope, including coverage in California, available to some or all Participants for the exchange of health and social services information that may or may not have signed the DSA.


An organization that is a signatory to the DSA, including any identified subordinate entities of that Signatory.

All Data Exchange Is Governed By Policies And Procedures,
All Data Exchange Is Governed By Policies And Procedures,

the rules of the road adopted by the California Health and Human Services and the Center for Data Insights and Innovation pursuant to the DSA of that signatory.

Components of the DxF

Data Sharing Agreement  Dash Icon

An agreement between Participants to engage in the real-time, secure and appropriate exchange of health and social services data

Policies & Procedures  Dash Icon

Standards and governance of health and social services information exchange implemented and managed by CalHHS

Secure Digital Identity  Dash Icon

Enables providers and public organizations to match shared clients while keeping identities and health records protected and secure

Data Exchange

Connections between health and social services entities can be made through a QHIO, another Intermediary that provides data exchange, or the Participant’s own technology

The Path to a Connected California

Improving Public Health

The DxF will accelerate and expand the exchange of health information among healthcare entities, government agencies, and social services programs. With clear data sharing policies, California will be better positioned to solve public health challenges and be more flexible during public health emergencies.

  • CalAIM Initiative
  • Children & Youth Behavioral Health
  • Developmental Services Rate Reform
  • Foster Care Reform (CCR)
  • Home & Community-Based Services
  • Master Plan for Aging
  • Master Plan for Early Learning & Care
  • Public Health  Infrastructure
  • Youth Integration (OYCR)

Guiding Principles

  • Advance Health Equity
  • Make Data Available to Drive Decisions and Outcomes
  • Support Whole Person Care
  • Promote Individual Data Access
  • Reinforce Individual Health and Social Service Information Privacy & Security
  • Establish Clear & Transparent Terms and Conditions for Data Collection, Exchange, and Use
  • Adhere to Data Exchange Standards
  • Provide Accountability

Learn more about the DxF Guiding Principles (PDF).

Implementation Timeline

July 2022
Data Exchange Framework established
January 31, 2023
Deadline for required entities to sign the Data Sharing Agreement (DSA)
February 1, 2023
Data Exchange Framework seal and logo launched
January 31, 2024
Many healthcare entities implement Data Exchange Framework

Year 2022
Quarter 1 2023
Quarter 3 2023
Year 2024
Year 2026
December 21, 2022
Educational Initiative Grantees announced
February 2023
Draft QHIO application released for public comment
May 2023
DSA Signatory Grants Application portal launches
Q3 2023
QHIOs scheduled to be announced
January 31, 2026
Remaining entities implement Data Exchange Framework

Still Have Questions?

The full Data Exchange Framework FAQ is available here.

Find additional information about the Data Exchange Framework and ongoing implementation by visiting the CalHHS DxF FAQ.

Who is administering the DxF?

Governance information is available here.

The establishment and implementation of the DxF is made possible through a comprehensive, open, and public process to ensure transparency and accountability.