The Data Exchange Framework’s $50M Grants Program

Ensuring an equitable transition to modern healthcare.

In 2022, the California Governor and State Legislature created the DxF Grant Program to support equitable and successful implementation.

The grants helped ensure health and social services organizations, regardless of size or geography, have the educational and financial resources to address critical operational, technical, and technological barriers to the modern exchange of healthcare data. 

This technical assistance is a reflection of the state’s commitment to improve health outcomes and create a Healthy California for All.



Hundreds of DxF Participants have been awarded grant funding to make the transition to modern healthcare.

The funding supports the data exchange needs of health and social services organizations serving under-resourced, historically marginalized, and underserved communities.

Enhanced funding maximums were made available for Participants that met certain criteria to help mitigate inequities.

DSA Signatory Grants

QHIO Onboarding Grants

An “assisted” pathway in which Signatories received support to onboard to a CDII Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO) that provides the service as an exchange Intermediary, enabling the Signatory to fulfill their DSA requirements and participate in modern data exchange.

Technical Assistance Grants

A flexible, “build-your-own-solution” pathway provided to Signatories to address a range of technical and operational barriers within their organization to implement the DxF.


Additional Grants

Educational Initiative Grants

Prior to the establishment of DSA Signatory Grants, the DxF Educational Initiative Grants provided funding to eight prominent health and human services associations to support Signatories in meeting data exchange needs through outreach, education, and guidance. This ensured health and social services organizations across the state had the information needed to understand the DxF requirements and prepare for the transition to modern data exchange.

For the full list of Educational Initiative Grantees, visit the DxF FAQ, question #16. Additional resources may be found on the Grantee’s webpages.

The Road Ahead


Now, organizations across California are using this grant funding to make the transition to modern healthcare, ensuring patients in every corner of California benefit from timely, safe, and effective whole-person care.

Current DSA Signatory Grantees may visit the DSA Signatory Grants website to access the DxF Grants Portal to submit progress reports, demonstrate milestones achieved, register for Grantee Office Hours, and for the latest updates. 

Additionally, Grantees may submit their choices for exchange into the Participant Directory. To learn more, visit the Participant Directory How-to Guide.