$50 Million in Grants Are Available to Support DxF Implementation and Education

In the 2022-23 California Budget, Governor Newsom and the legislature allocated $50 million over two years to support the implementation of the Data Exchange Framework.

The funding is intended to support:

  • Health information exchange onboarding for organizations who do not actively share information through health information Intermediaries;
  • Technical assistance for small/under-resourced providers;
  • Technical assistance and education for organizations who are new to health information exchange, especially those who are required by AB 133 to sign the DxF Data Sharing Agreement; and
  • Other activities to support DxF implementation.

To learn more about grants, email cdii@chhs.ca.gov, visit the DxF Grant Program Overview Document (PDF) or CDII DxF Implementation and Guidance Website.

To access the DxF Grant portal, visit dxf-dsagrants.com

What Grants Are Available to Help DSA Signatories?

DSA Signatory Grants


Beginning Spring 2023


DSA Signatories need support to achieve their DSA responsibilities. The DSA Signatory Grant Program is designed to subsidize DSA Signatories’ investments to achieve their DSA requirements. DSA Signatories may apply for support through one of two grant domains: a QHIO Onboarding Grant or a Technical Assistance Grant. For more information, visit the DSA Signatory Grants Applicant Guidance Document.


QHIO Onboarding Grants

Part of the DSA Signatory Grants, QHIO Onboarding Grants will provide funding to organizations that have signed the DSA to cover costs of connecting to a Qualified Health Information Organization.

This is a “assisted” pathway in which Mazars (a CDII contractor) will support organizations in applying for funds, and QHIOs will manage grant reporting and funds disbursements, if awarded.

View the full list of QHIOs.

Technical Assistance (TA) Grants

The DxF Technical Assistance Grants will provide grant funding to organizations that have signed the DSA to help secure operational and technical support for implementation.

This is a “build-your-own-solution” pathway in which signatories will identify technical or operational solutions to help fulfill their DSA responsibilities, apply for funding, and manage grant reporting and funds disbursements, if awarded.

Additional Grants

Educational Initiative Grants


Awarded December 2022


The DxF Educational Initiative Grants provide funding to nonprofit associations representing Signatories to provide education and training for organizations who have signed the DSA. Activities funded by the grants can include — but are not limited to — webinars, training guides, or conference sessions.

Applications for these grants were due on October 31, 2022, and CalHHS announced the recipients in December 2022.

Educational Initiative Grantees

Educational Initiatives Grantees Contact DxF Website & Social Media Handle Signatory Type
Multi-Association Initiative led by America’s Physician Groups (APG) DxFeducation@connectingforbetterhealth.com APG DxF Microsite
Physicians (Group Practices/Family Physicians/etc.), Aging Providers, Skilled Nursing Facilities (includes nursing homes and ICFs), Health Information Exchanges
California Medical Association DxFQuestions@cmadocs.org CMA DxF Microsite
Physician Organizations, Medical Groups
California Primary Care Association grants@cpca.org CPCA DxF Microsite


Community Health Centers, FQHCs
The County Health Executives Association of California Admin@cheac.org CHEAC DxF Microsite
Local health departments
California Association of Health Plans info@calhealthplans.org CAHP DxF Microsite
Health insurance plans licensed/regulated by DHCS, DMHC, and/or CDI
Leading Age California Foundation Meredith Chillemi: mchillemi@leadingageca.org Leading Age DxF Microsite
SNFs, Health Plans, Community-Based Organizations
American Academy of Pediatrics, California Chapter 1 projectcoordinator@aapca1.org AAPCA DxF Microsite
Pediatric-focused health and social services providers
California Council of Community Behavioural Health Agencies response@cccbha.org CCCBHA DxF Microsite
Community-Based Organizations, Behavioral Health Providers